Legislative Day in Texas

We had a great day lobbing in Austin this month and you never know what you will find. When we went into the office of Robert Nichols I was blown away at this lion in his office and that was just the largest animal but there were animals all over the place. That is one […]

Update on Healthcare Exchanges

Healthcare Exchanges, how they work and how you get on one. I have been wanting to write up something about the Healthcare exchanges and here is my first stab.   I will probably start blogging about this, to give you information as I get it.  First, here are some important facts about what the exchanges are […]

Market Research Survey

Tribeca Communications, a healthcare communications company, working in the hemophilia community for over 13 years is recruiting patients (18 years old and older) and caregivers of children (12 to 17 years old) with either hemophilia A or B to participate in market research surveys. With the development of new factor products that will eventually be […]


If you know me, you know I talk a lot about how having hemophilia has been a gift because of all the things I feel I get to do and most importantly all the things that I have learned or learned how to handle because of having hemophilia. I have said many times it is a […]


If you ask Charles what his favorite things in life are, he will reply without hesitation that his wife Amber, and two sons Jamey (three) and Max (four) are the lights of his life. Although Charles shares a similar passion for family with many other fathers and husbands, Charles is unique because he suffers from […]

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Bobcat vs. Big Racoon

The duel continues at the ranch when these two foes face off in front of the motion detection camera.  I thought it was pretty cool to see these animals mingling at the feeder, especially the bobcat.

How Half-Life of Factor Really Works

by Andy Matthews with Dr. Mike Wang Bleeds were very common, in the 1970’s when I grew up.  The reason for that was that most people did not have access to factor, and many did not have the capability to use factor or Cryoprecipitate at home.  However, even today, there are many reasons why adult […]

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