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Climbing High With Hemophilia

Dads, do you know what I think is one of the best fitness exercises to do with and teach to your kids…Rope Climbing.  We just built a climbing wall at our ranch, and it has been one of the best things for teaching my son, and others kids, to not only climb but to build […]

Washington Days: Update on Healthcare Reform

It’s time for an update on this year’s Washington Days and our community’s trip to Capitol Hill.  There were about 300 people from the hemophilia community in DC lobbying regarding healthcare from February 17th, 2011.    Our small group from consisted of Texas Central Chapter and the Lone Star Chapter Texas and we had an awesome […]

Spinning for Stronger Veins

Spinning for Stronger Veins                                                                             by Andy Matthews As a person living with hemophilia, I love anything to do with fitness and building great veins.  From the time I was a small boy I always wanted to be as strong as I could.  I have come across a great item that I think will really help build […]

Hope For Hemophilia

My name is Jonathan and I want to update you on some exciting things happening with our non-profit Hope for Hemophilia.  I am pleased to announce that Hope for Hemophilia is actively helping hemophiliacs and their families in times of crisis through financial assistance, education and practical help. Close friends who love us started Hope […]

Hunt of a Lifetime

  This summer was the best summer ever for my son Brandon.  Thanks to the organization  HUNT OF  A LIFETIME!  Brandon was able to go on truly a trip of a lifetime.  Hunt of a Lifetime is a non profit organization that was started by a woman named Tina Pattison.  There mission is to grant […]

Flying High With Hemophilia

Have you ever had a dream that you just knew you had to fulfill?  Something you just knew your life would not be complete without?  So it was for “Brownie”, a thirty-something airline pilot living (and flying) with hemophilia. Brownie started flying at the ripe old age of ten.  His first flight lesson recorded in […]

Upcoming Hemophilia Sports Broadcaster

Twenty –one year old Andrew Schnitker has always loved football and hockey; and even though he has severe factor VIII hemophilia, these sports will continue to be a huge part of his life.  That’s right, because even though Andrew can’t play these sports due to two target knee joints, he has high hopes of becoming […]

Jeryn’s Story

On November 11, 2005 my 11 month old son was diagnosed with severe Hemophilia A. We began infusing him with factor VIII for bleeds. Within 4 months, we began to notice the factor was not healing him as quickly. It was around then that we found out about his inhibitor. After lengthy discussion with his […]

Kelsey: Our Little “Up” Baby

Article Update – since this article was originally written Patti Matthews has developed a separate blog site for Kelsey which you can visit at www.theupfamily.blogspot.com . Here you can get daily updates on Kelsey’s progress. I wanted to write an article about the unexpected coming of our new little baby and how surprises come in […]


Our Sweetaffliction.com co-founder Andy Matthews and his wife Patti had a big surprise on Tuesday August 4, 2008. To everyone’s surprise their new baby Kelsey decided to make her appearance at 12:20 pm. She weighed 3 pounds 12 ounces and is 15 inches long! Patti went in for a normal sonogram that morning and the […]