Andy’s Healthcare Reform Plan

april520090412Get Fit America! Kind of sounds like a reality TV show but if you think about it, the actual reality here is this: if everybody in this country would just start getting fit it would actually save our country millions of dollars in health care costs that are currently crippling the healthcare system. It frustrates me greatly when you hear about all the reforming our healthcare system needs and how so many people who have chronic health problems cannot get proper healthcare because the system is broken. The fact of the matter is that many of the problems in our healthcare system are caused by people being overweight, eating the wrong foods and having no fitness plan.  Just this morning on the news I heard an interview by a doctor who said just that. He emphatically said we do not need total reform of our healthcare system and that half of the spending in our healthcare is spent on 5% of the people that eat too much, exercise too little and smoke.  Whether these statistics are 100% correct or not, most all could agree this is a major problem and the solution in most cases is so simple, but nobody really wants to really take this head on and not worry about hurting someone’s feeling. Chronic health problems and the pressures they put on our healthcare could be relieved greatly by individuals changing their lives and getting in shape.

I know that I am just a little voice out here but even if the people who visit this website would commit to achieving an optimal weight, exercise, and diet, that alone can make a big impact! If all the children and adults living with hemophilia could maintain some kind of fitness routine they would have healthier joints and if they are dealing with problem joints, even a moderate amount of fitness along with factor dosage can help rebuild muscles around the joint areas and minimize future bleeds. Think about how much better you would feel with strong healthy joints! I am living proof that eating right and adhering to a fitness program with strict discipline can change your life if you are living with hemophilia!

april520090531I know fitness is the answer because I can tell you that I am healthier than most people living without hemophilia! I remember that when many of my hemophilia friends found out they had HIV in the 90’s most of them just figured they would die. I always thought that mentality was crazy and I chose to start getting more serious about what I ate, having a positive outlook and most importantly developing a work out regiment with regular cardiovascular exercises. Yes I had a bad ankle target joint to worry about but I still stayed true to the physical activities that worked for me – mostly mountain biking and fast walking. Did you know that if you will just commit to parking in the furthest parking place, taking the stairs instead of elevators and walking whenever possible you will be amazed at how much better shape you can be in by incorporating fitness into your daily routine. Heck, just think about how much power walking you can do by going to the Home Depot or the mall. You can get exercise anywhere by just walking like you are in a hurry and you will look important while you are doing it!

april520090581The great thing about fitness is that it is a sure thing. There are many things in life I can tell you to do that are not a sure thing. I can tell you to work harder but that does not necessarily mean you will make more money. I can tell you to improve your appearance but that doesn’t mean you will get more dates! You can do all the things your Hemophilia Treatment Center says but that does not guarantee you will not have any problems. But I can promise you this, if you are committed to it you will get results from a fitness program! How much success you achieve is up to you. No matter whether you are rich or poor, tall or short, skinny or fat – with proper training, diet and good clean living your body will become your temple!

Start working out now! Begin by just walking. Then try some light weightlifting or swimming. Get your helmet on and try some mountain biking. Make sure you factor up to prevent bleeding and get better results. And always go over your fitness plans with your Hemophilia Treatment Center staff before starting  – especially your physical therapist. I guarantee you will start dropping cumbersome weight and building stronger muscles and most importantly joints. You will have more energy and begin to feel better. In these uncertain economic times this is the single best thing you can do for yourself and your children. After all, if you do not have your good health and strong body, what do you have?


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  1. Hey Andy, I agree!!!!! Now that the weather is nicer I am determined to get healthier, not only for myself but for Tristan and Kiernan. What kind of role model am I?? I expect the best for my kids, so I better step up!
    We are taking many long walks together and Tristan and I are doing Yoga- seeing a three yr old attempt those positions is very comical.
    We have adjusted our diet (but could improve more). If everyone just changed a few minor aspects of their daily life it would have such a profound diffence for us all!!!!
    Thanks for the shirt by the way!!! We are ready for you to come to over here again (bring your family next time)

  2. I could not agree with you more. Again, making the choice to live an active healthy lifestyle will make a huge difference in the quality of life for a hemophiliac. It is good to see that there is someone out there promoting this.

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