getting your flu shot? Infuse before you do!

Yeah so my doctor calls me and tells me I need to get the regular flu shot, a pneumonia shot, and the swine flu shot as soon as I am able to get in. So dutifully I made my appointment yesterday and went in this morning for the first two shots. As a precaution I always infuse before getting any kind of shot in my arm muscle. Well one dose did not do the trick. Tonight I feel like that time back in grade school when the dumb jock decides to give you one of those slugs to the biceps. We use to call them frogs. Anyways both of my arms are killing me! So if you are going to get your flu shot don’t forget to also get your hemophilia shot! I promise you will be glad that you did.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. Its like a trip down memory lane. lol

  2. Roger that, definately get some Factor before Flu Shots, when I forget to infuse first I pay the price with an arm that swells like a baloon.. Best Regards Eric

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