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Sippet study finally regarding plasma products

All you have to do is google new Sippet study on plasma products and you will pull it up.  Go read for yourself but it will be interesting to see if MASAC changes their recommendations  for PUPS.  I am a big believer in plasma products and this study really is interesting.  Not that recombinant products are bad at all, but plasma products will still have a place in this community and possibly a bigger place.  If you have looked lately, it is unreal how many products there are to choose from now, but most of the new recombinant products don’t perform as well as some of the old tried and true plasma products.  Just educate yourself and look at the specification on all of the products, and it will help you in choosing a product.  About looking for a new car now and you really have to get educated.  Most doctors are not paid to educate and they just do not have time to spend hours with you helping you choose a product and it will be up to you to make that choice.  I always get into a discussion with my HTC doctor at my annual visit but you will have so much a better talk the more research you do.  Good luck.  I really don’t want to get that much into it and best if you just read for yourself.

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