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Upcoming Hemophilia Sports Broadcaster

Twenty –one year old Andrew Schnitker has always loved football and hockey; and even though he has severe factor VIII hemophilia, these sports will continue to be a huge part of his life.  That’s right, because even though Andrew can’t play these sports due to two target knee joints, he has high hopes of becoming […]

Andy’s Healthcare Reform Plan

Get Fit America! Kind of sounds like a reality TV show but if you think about it, the actual reality here is this: if everybody in this country would just start getting fit it would actually save our country millions of dollars in health care costs that are currently crippling the healthcare system. It frustrates […]

Hemophilia Fitness routine

 Fitness for Life That Also Builds Better Veins!  I want to encourage you as an adult or child with hemophilia to get fit.  I have always been passionate about fitness and I guess it goes back to the fact that I could not play sports when I was growing up in the 70’s.  I […]

Welcome to – A Hemophilia Blog

So it begins…… Sweet Affliction is our blog about Hemophilia. Shall we say – the Hemophilia lifestyle. Much of it will be autobiographical in nature focusing on our experiences living with the disease.  Since we are both adults born prior to 1990, many of the stories and posts here will focus on HIV and Hepatitis […]