Sweet Affliction is my blog about Hemophilia. Shall we say – the Hemophilia lifestyle. Much of it will be autobiographical in nature focusing on our experiences living with the disease – and since I am now in my fifties living with Severe Hemophilia A , I have a lot of interesting experiences to talk about!

I will also feature compelling stories of others within our community who bravely face the challenges hemophilia brings on a daily basis – patients, parents, friends, health care providers and others will all add their narrative to the discussions posted here on our hemophilia blog.

This site will contain articles and information on topics such as fitness, advocacy, health insurance, and hemophilia treatment. These are topics that many individuals within the hemophilia community deal with on a daily basis.

Hemophilia can be a very difficult disease to manage and live with, but it also has allowed us a different perspective on life that we would never have experienced otherwise. In some strange way hemophilia has magnified the sweetest joys life can offer – things like perseverance, humility, gratitude, leadership, courageousness, charity, hope, love and faith.

I hope you will enjoy the site and come back often!!

Welcome to sweetaffliction.com!