Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and Hemophilia

Below is our first blog post from a mother – we hope you enjoy this entry about Kyle – future second baseman of the Texas Rangers!



Baseball…As American as apple pie, right?  But, until recently, most hemophiliacs were discouraged from playing the sport, told the risk outweighed any possible benefits.  Well, tell that to my seven year old son, Kyle, who despite having severe hemophilia, lives for the game of baseball.  He not only watches baseball for fun, but he analyzes every pitch, throw, and base running effort by every player.  At the age of 4, he started playing on the t-ball team, and this year, has made it up to coach-pitch.  He loves to hit, but also loves to play second base.  We have had some parents ask us about our decision to let him play baseball;  it was actually an easy decision.  Allowing him to play a team sport was important to us, and we knew football was out of the question!  As he has gotten older, he has asked us why everyone doesn’t go to school with bandaids on their hands or arms, but being a part of a baseball team allows him to be like all the other kids.  He hits, catches, and runs the bases just like everybody else.  Looking out onto the baseball diamond, you wouldn’t be able to tell which one is the hemophiliac.  Baseball has allowed him to develop his strength and coordination, but more importantly, given him the confidence to try new things, and that hemophilia is only part of his life – we are not going to let it rule his life.  He knows that in order to play baseball, we have to stay on his regular prophylaxis schedule, to prevent any possible bleeds.  He won’t be able to play pitcher, and catching would be too hard on his knees.   We are so thankful that his coaches have been so understanding of that.  They are so supportive of him. He doesn’t get any preferential treatment, or pointed out that he can’t do something.  He is just one of the boys on the team! 

When we see his face after getting an out at second base, or getting a big hit and scoring a run, we know we have made the right decision.


Kyle playing some serious second base!


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  1. Way to go Kyle – great form! My 9 year old plays 2nd base – he doesn’t have hemophilia and he thought that was WAY COOL that you were playing!

  2. Way to go Kyle and Mom! What a great write up. It’s hard to tell anyone “you can’t do something” and this is just proof that with enough will power, determination, and the power of prayer, that anything is possible…
    You are blessed with such a wonderful family and it is awesome that you are so supportive of him as he gives it his all at all the games! I enjoy hearing the updates and can’t wait to see him as 2nd baseman for the Texas Rangers!

  3. Good job Kyle!! Also good job mom & dad. I have 2 grandsons with severe hemophilia. Andrew is 14 months and Dawson is 9. Dawson plays soccer and it is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He’s just like one of the other guys. These kids need a little “normal” in their lives. Keep up the good work Kyle!!

  4. Awsome . I am very proud of you Kyle. Keep being all that you can be.

  5. Way to go Kyle! I am so happy to know you and to watch you play ball!!

  6. You are awesome, Kyle! What fun watching you grow up. There’s no stopping you! I love you bunches and bunches!!!! Mimi

  7. Good job Kyle as an ex-baseball player I tip my hat to you and your mom(for letting you be a boy, I also want to acknowledge all the other moms & dads for letting their boys be boys…

  8. My son is 3months old and was diagnosed having severe hemophilia A.
    It’s my dream to see him play soccer one day.

    Kyle’s story is an inspiration for me and my husband to be strong and have faith that our son can be anyone he wanted to be:)

  9. Our boy is now 5 weeks old. We found out 3 week ago that he has severe hemophilia A. reading Kyle’s story gives us hope!! Kyle you are an inspiration!!

  10. Wow! My son also lives for the game of baseball, been playing since he was 4 and watches his DODGERS on TV all the time! He is undergoing tests at this time to see if he has hemophilia, and as we pray he doesn’t, we also have to ask ourselves if he does, are we going to take his passion of the game away from him? Your story has opened my eyes alot and touched me. I think as a mom we just want to see our kids happy, and if baseball makes them happy, then I say, “let em play” Good luck to you and your family Kyle!!

  11. My son is 14 and has playe baseball since he was 4. He is severe type a and now that he has made the varsity team his hemotologist wnts to take it all away. He says he is not in favor of him playing on the varsity level. I am determined not to accept this. This will change his life. Any suggestions?

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