Hemophilia Fitness

We will soon be adding a lot of content to our Hemophilia Fitness section. This is an extremely important subject matter for Andy and I as we both try to remain very active moving into our mid forties. We hope to give other hemophiliacs fitness tips and articles that they can draw inspiration from in order to better themselves physically.


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  1. I was very active in martial arts for many years I am 45 yrs old I live in Melbourne,Fla I feel that while I was doing mixed martial arts I felt Indestructible.

  2. Hi guys!

    I’m a hemophiliac. Since we are similar ages, I can relate to your ups and downs and appreciate reading your blog. I’m a certified personal trainer and a beginner triathlete. Dealing with bleeds and fitness is something I am intimately familiar with.

    Keep up the excellent blog!


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