A Great new Factor Log App from MicroHealth

Growing up I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. My family will tell you about Halloween in my early years in which I would collect all the candy around the neighborhood and immediately bring it all back home and stick a price tag on it and sell it to friends around the neighborhood after Halloween. My family will also tell you stories of me getting out of the bus after hemophilia camp in Texas as a preteen and hugging my parents while saying, “only 365 more days until hemophilia camp next year!” So it’s pretty easy to predict that in the future I’d grow up to do something entrepreneurial and connected to the hemophilia community. That’s one of the reasons I helped start MicroHealth.

MicroHealth is basically a new way for patients like you and me to log our infusions from our phone, but also share them electronically with our healthcare providers and family members through a private social health network. I’m a huge fan of social media, constantly creating a posting content on Facebook and Twitter. But there are some things that are simply too private to share on a public social network. That’s why I helped create MicroHealth. I want to share my health info through something as simple as a social network with my doctors, nurses, and family members, so this just seemed to work perfectly.

The history of how MicroHealth started is pretty long. I met my friend Marc for the first time about 3 years ago at a hemophilia meeting in Florida.  At the time, he was a researcher at Columbia University studying “mobile health”. Basically, how to use your phone to improve your health. We quickly got along because we both lived in NYC. I was getting my undergraduate at The King’s College at the time. We made it a point to meet up in NYC and I ended up helping him in some of his ventures with Columbia in the mobile health field. Fast-forward a couple years and he was finally ready to take what he had been studying as a researcher into the real business world. He had joined forces with his brother, who’s a brilliant businessman, and they asked if I’d like to come along for the ride. Obviously, I said yes. Our first and foremost goal: create the absolute best hemophilia logging system that works on all phones, while automatically syncing with your computer, and has a social network built into it, while maintaining strict privacy guidelines. I think we’re pretty close!

For the past few months we’ve been in a private beta, letting patients in the hemophilia community try it out. So far we’ve had really great results. It seems like people find it very easy to use and they’re increasing adherence to their medication because they’re always reminded on time to infuse with a simple text message. Once we finish all the updates, we’ll release it to the entire community.

I’m just happy to be a part of something so new and truly beneficial for the community. And as we begin to let more people use it gradually over time, I’m excited to see how the community embraces it. It makes me wish that I had something like this growing up, back when I was selling my Halloween candy and attending hemophilia camp.

If anyone reading this would like to join our private beta, they are more than welcome to. Simply email me at aaron@microhealth.org. It is and will always be free!

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