The Most Wonderful Day of the Year, if You are Prepared!


With the start of school just around the corner, it is time for us parents of kids with hemophilia to begin planning our annual meeting with our child’s new teacher.  Back to school can be an intimidating time if you have a child with hemophilia.  It can be scary to be leaving your child, in the hands of someone who knows little to nothing about hemophilia, for most of the day.  However, if you, as a parent, go into the school with a positive attitude and useful information about your child’s bleeding disorder, the school staff members will tend to be quite receptive.

Remember that if you over react or seem overly protective, the school staff will probably treat your child in much the same manner.  No one wants to be treated differently, especially at school, so let the staff know the facts and if you remain calm and matter of fact about your child’s disorder, so will they.

It can be useful to put together a small binder with some basic hemophilia information in it and also some specific information about what to do if your son has a bleed or accident at school.  Gather information from the HTC or even on line and simply make copies of what you feel is most important for them to know.  Next, include information about your son, like who to call first in case of emergency, all of your contact information, his doctor’s phone numbers in case they can’t contact you and what kind of factor he uses.  Include any other pertinent information you feel may be helpful.  You can also call your HTC to get a copy of one of the many back to school kits put out by the factor manufacturers .

Each year, about this time, you can call to set up an appointment with his new teacher and any staff members who will be interacting with him on a regular basis.  Be patient, it seems like each year, there are a few weeks at the beginning of the year when you may get a lot of calls from the school saying your child hurt himself on the playground that may not be of a very serious nature.  The staff will get used to what is an emergency, and what is not, but you will always feel better knowing that the staff is informed and ready to deal with any accident or emergency with your son, should one arise.

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