Andy’s Bio


I am 51 years old and have severe Hemophilia A. I have passionately worked in the hemophilia community for more than 20 years. Currently I work for Speciality Therapeutic Care.

Even though being born with Hemophilia brings an incredible amount of hard challenges in life, I also feel that this disease is my life’s greatest gift – I cannot change the fact that I have hemophilia, but I can change how I choose to passionately live my life with Hemophilia.

I am extremely excited about this website because I want to share with you the fact that hemophilia can be the motivation and challenge in life that propels you into incredible successes and happiness. Things that perhaps you would have never experienced without having the disorder.

I am a fitness nut and enjoy working out in the gym during the week. On weekends I love “letting it rip” on my mountain bike out on the trails. I am very excited about a fitness section Sweet Affliction will have. I will be giving tips on things you can do for physical fitness when you are living with Hemophilia.

Today, I am married to my wonderful wife Patti and we currently reside in Dallas, Texas. We have two healthy little boys named Keeton and Karson who keep us both very busy!