Staying active this summer

As you know I love to exercise and have a pretty messed up ankle.  I am a freak about the right shoes and just bought some Brooks trail running shoes and even though I don’t and cant run, I love to walk a lot and I mean fast walking.  I am telling you I am able to walk so much more through our neighborhood and very fast walking and not sure what the deal is but my ankle has really been doing better.  It is all about the Arch support, right amount cushion and stiffness.  When I am working on my ranch, I wear a lot of Merrell hiking shoes and the are the best for me.  Another thing I have discovered is that if you try waking on dirt or sand, you will find it is much easier on your joints.  I was wondering why when I walk a lot working on the ranch I don’t hurt much but when walking on pavement a lot,  seems to give my ankle a lot more trouble.   Try this summer if you are an adult and can walk, get some great train running shoes and or running shoes and try walk everyday for about 15-20 minutes and up some hills if you can.  Does not cost anything, can do it anywhere anytime in any weather.  I love to bike when I can but have a little boy about 2 and easier for me to just with him and spend time with him and keep my joints in shape.  Always keep giving your factor because you can get a bleed if you have no factor in you if you walk a lot.

I want to also add, if you can afford it, get a personal trainer for at least a short time, and whether you go to a gym or not, most can give you so much info on what are the best exercises you can do to help YOUR body and with hemophilia, that is very important.  I don’t care how bad your joints are, everyone can so more than they are doing.  Don’t see many stomach bleeds from doing sit ups and that alone will help with so many things keeping your core strong and weight down!!!

Start somewhere and stay on course and you will see results.  If joints are too bad to walk, see if you want power walk in a pool and that is awesome for worse joints.   I will write more later but wanted to shoot this out and walk fast, you will get better results and look important!!!






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