support your local hemophilia chapter during economic hard times

Over the past year plus, I have had many conversations with our local chapter director regarding the surprising downturn in attendance at our chapter events. What makes this so confusing is that most of these events are 100% free of charge and have always been extremely well attended in years past. This decreasing attendance, to no surprise, has paralleled the current severe downturn in the economy. 

As our national economy continues to crumble, it appears the psyche of our average hemophilia chapter member is to not only reign in their personal spending and donations, but to hunker down in their homes rather than attend chapter events . I can think of no better time of attending these social events than now. Especially when they are mostly free!

Our local Utah Hemophilia Chapter  has so many great events on the calendar to choose from. There is literally one or two great events per month that ALL offer the opportunity to socialize, educate, advocate and lean on others for support as we all struggle to cope emotionally –  not only with our bleeding disorders, but with this enormous crisis facing our nation. And again, the majority of these chapter events are either paid in full by the chapter or from industry donations. 

I urge all members of hemophilia nation to support their local chapters –  not only financially by making an annual or monthly donation, but socially by attending the events into which so much time and effort have been made. So many of us forget or simply fail to support our local chapter during good times. It is my hope that we do everything in our power to support them during these tough times both financially with our donations and emotionally by attending these great chapter events!

You can donate to the Utah Hemophilia Foundation by clicking here:

You can donate to the Texas Central Hemophilia Association  by clicking here:


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  1. We have noticed the same trend here in Phoenix and I agree 100% with urging members to support their local Chapters and themselves by attending menthly events.

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