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Cycling Across America to Support Save One Life!

This Sunday, June 17, cyclist Barry Haarde, age 46, who has severe hemophilia A, will start a coast-to-coast 3,667-mile bike ride to raise funds for Save One Life. The ride will start in Astoria, Oregon, and end in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where he will arrive on August 6. This is the first time someone will […]

The Awesome Benefits of Taekwondo

My wife Patti and I have a 5 1/2 year old son who is very active and “all boy all of the time,” if you know what I mean!   We were looking for some type of sport that our son would love but one that would also teach him to focus his energy and to have […]

Spinning for Stronger Veins

Spinning for Stronger Veins                                                                             by Andy Matthews As a person living with hemophilia, I love anything to do with fitness and building great veins.  From the time I was a small boy I always wanted to be as strong as I could.  I have come across a great item that I think will really help build […]

Hemophilia Fitness for the Brain!

We have started to talk a lot on about how important it is to incorporate fitness into your daily life when living with hemophilia. Well just as important as it is to keep your body strong as a hemophiliac, it is just as important to keep your mind strong and healthy. Below is an […]

Andy’s Healthcare Reform Plan

Get Fit America! Kind of sounds like a reality TV show but if you think about it, the actual reality here is this: if everybody in this country would just start getting fit it would actually save our country millions of dollars in health care costs that are currently crippling the healthcare system. It frustrates […]

Hemophilia Fitness

We will soon be adding a lot of content to our Hemophilia Fitness section. This is an extremely important subject matter for Andy and I as we both try to remain very active moving into our mid forties. We hope to give other hemophiliacs fitness tips and articles that they can draw inspiration from in […]